One of the reasons Merino wool from the Southern Hemisphere is so amazing is the climate. Merino sheep face some of the most demanding and varying conditions on the planet, from hot summers to harsh winters. To stay comfortable in such varied conditions, these Merinos grow a unique coat of wool that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This coat is whiter, lighter, finer, smoother and stronger than other wool from other parts of the world. What helps set SmartWool products apart is the special process we use to make them as easy care as possible. Merino wool fibers have scales that catch on each other when agitated in the washing machine and causes products to shrink. We’ve solved this issue by putting our Merino wool through a smart wash that makes the scales smooth prior to spinning the yarn. This ensures your SmartWool baselayers fit just as great as when they went in the washer.
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