Kevin Durken and The Boot Shack bring you the ultimate fit in boots. Kevin started The Boot Shack in 1980 and has the best looking and best fitting boots on the market.

One of the most important things to both Kevin and The Boot Shack is fitting boots properly to provide the most comfort fit possible.  Boots that are built correctly on orthopedic sensitive lasts offering a better contour and health for your foot.  The Boot Shack has boots in widths from AAAA to EEEE.  We have found that 70% of people visiting our store are wearing the wrong shoe size. If you work with our staff to find the ideal fit for you, you will no longer have to stand in a water trough to make your boots bearable or have blisters from ill-fitting boots.  In addition, your boots will last longer, look better and you won't be drained at the end of the day from nagging foot pain.
Most people have never had their feet measured properly with a Brannock device to determine their true size.  This device determines the length and width from your heel to the ball of your foot, which is the best way to measure your foot.  Even if you were measured years ago, the human foot changes as you age so your boot size should be adjusted to accommodate these changes.  The bones in the foot elongate from constant pressure and weight placed on them, so your boot size generally gets longer and narrower.  We encourage all of our customers to be measured whenever possible to help with purchasing a properly fitting pair of boots.  If you are ever in Central Minnesota, we encourage you to stop in and have your feet measured. After that, it's open for you to choose the style that you like.

Whether it is a soft or exotic leather for dress the Crew at The Boot Shack understands that function and fashion must go together to produce a truly useful boot.  Along with looking good, these boots are tough.  They are handmade and built to last.  Once you are properly fit, these boots will stand up to just about anything you do.  The Boot Shack's boots are the right choice whether you are riding horses, working in the barn or out for a night on the town.
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